Active Adult Wellness Program

Our active adult wellness program looks to bridge the gap between rehab and performance. We are not letting insurance dictate your goals or your quality of life. Often people find themselves discharged from therapy prematurely, experience pain repeatedly on and off, have reached a fitness routine plateau, and simply looking for guidance to improve quality of life.

Movement Quality Assessment


This includes a functional movement screen to assess your movement quality. It assess for muscular imbalances, postural misalignment, joint mobility and stability issues. A complete review of your health and injury history combined with goal setting and suggested corrective exercises will be provided. This assessment is perfect for those seeking a strength and conditioning program to fit your movement quality, group fitness preparation, movement education, and/or performance enhancement.


Private Follow-up Treatment

30 - 60 MINUTES

Private treatment session are designed to target goals and impairments identified during initial assessment.

For appointments or information:

Conditions appropriate for active adult wellness:

  • Weekend warrior injuries

  • Improve fitness performance

  • Chronic pain

  • Acute fitness related injuries

  • Poor posture