Mobility Specialist has over 50 years of combined and collaborative experience and has created a comprehensive approach to optimize your health. Our concept was created to help you get back to the workouts and activities you love away from pain, without surgery, or after a life-changing disability. Our goal is to fill the gap between physical therapy and life. Mobility Specialist is here to help you continually progress in function and performance regardless of your situation. We want to help guide you in creating a healthy movement platform.

Mobility Specialist is a medical team comprised of two Doctors of Physical Therapy, a Registered Dietician, and a Corrective Massage Therapist to optimize your health, performance, and quality of life.

We have come up with a systematic approach to enhance your function. We start with a comprehensive assessment to help develop a thorough program. Our findings coupled with your needs will lead us to create an ideal plan specific to your needs.



The connection between nutrition and optimal body movement is an important concept to understand. Dehydration, inflammation and excessive weight are some main areas that limit the body’s ability to reach its full potential. Our body is made up of about 65% of water. Proper hydration alone assist with performance recovery, mental acuity, delaying fatigue, and tissue extensibility. Healthy weight can decrease joint compression up to 10x’s our body’s normal load. This helps to decrease joint pain, fatigue, and breathing problems. Finally, reducing inflammation can help restore immunity, reduce joint pain and stiffness, and aide in body’s overall healing process. Nutrition is a fundamental part of our core beliefs to achieve the best results.


This is an important fundamental that is often overlooked. When we exercise our muscles work harder, our circulation enhances and our body needs more oxygen. Unfortunately, most of us live in a more stressful state and most breathing consists of short, shallow breaths. There are a lot of reasons many people develop the habit of shallow breathing but unfortunately, shallow breathing can directly result in heightened levels of anxiety and stress. It can result in postural deviations and decreased muscle extensibility. We want to optimize this to compliment your workout, enhance blood flow, rid your body of oxidative stress, and promote greater mental, cellular, and physical health.


We assess 8 key areas where mobility is required. Without mobility in these areas we compensate. Compensations lead to muscle strains, joint compression, joint strain, or loss of function. This can lead to muscle tears, balance impairments, arthritis, pain, chronic pain and inflammation. Any time these are present our activity participation is decreased, sleep may be compromised, stress may enhance and quality of life suffers. We want to help you move away from those barriers.


We ensure stability in 6 major areas that are meant to provide control, power and joint support. This helps with balance, agility, power, and function. We address these barriers and improve function and safety.


Postural abnormalities are another frequently overlooked concept that can lead to structural deviations, pain and other health problems. Improved posture will allow one to work more efficiently with less fatigue and limit strain on your body's ligaments and muscles day in and day out.


Finally, we identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk or inefficient movement. This will optimize outcomes in your activity of choice and enhance participation. With asymmetries or compensations present, it decreases our performance in sports like golf, running, volleyball, walking, and balance. Mobility Specialist helps target these deficits to maximize your outcomes.

We want you to be able to maximize your foundation to minimize your limitations and optimize you!