I suffered a Stroke 5 years ago which caused weakness in my arm and leg on the right side. I was in physical therapy for three and a half years until I moved and transportation became a major problem. I stopped going to therapy.

In October 2018, I heard about Mobility Specialist from my brother-in-law. On my visit there, I met with Dr. Alati, aka Jill. After learning about me and watching me walk around with my cane, Jill felt she could help me move and walk better. I told Jill that I wanted to learn how to get up by myself in case I fall.

Dr.’s Jill and Laura run Mobility Specialist in a laid back and often fun environment that makes physical therapy enjoyable. Before each session starts, Jill asks me what I want to work on today. I know that in the past 3 months, my walking has improved. Maybe it’s because of the strength and flexibility exercises Jill has given me that I religiously follow; Or perhaps it is the confidence that I now have that if I fall, I won’t end up like a turtle on it’s back. Whatever the reason, I am going to an indoor water park in the Pocono’s this weekend with my family and my granddaughter.

Thank you Mobility Specialist and Dr. Jill for the ability and courage to do something I would have never dreamed of only 3 months ago.
— Paul K., January 2019

One of the results of my stroke earlier this year was a drooping of the left side of my torso. Yes, I was lucky. But still, the slow collapse of my left side rib cage really started to effect my breathing. Deep breathes were becoming more difficult and painful.

Initially, medical insurance had allowed me some time at BMRH, exploring this new reality of life after stroke. This is where I met Jill and Laura. They led me through the paces of evaluation and exercise to help me regain some of my strength and agility I had lost. I had never been a fluidly coordinated guy before so this was quite comical, we had lots of laughs. Towards the end of my allotted time at the BMRH, Laura asked me a question that pinpointed my deep breathing issue. With that simple inquiry she had highlighted for me what was most elemental for my continuing life experience. We focussed on finding a solution.

As fate would have it, Dr. Alati and Dr. Elko were in the process of opening ‘Mobility Specialist’ and so, we were able to continue my rehabilitation, much more economically for me. Dynamic Taping turned out to be the answer. In my case, the taping helps support the suspension of my ribcage much more elegantly than some bulky, strap-on bracing system. This combined with some other therapies, has made life enjoyable again. I see them once a week and look forward to each appointment. There is no imposed regimen from administration. We work it out together. Yes, I’m lucky, to know them. You can be too.
— Jim S., December 2018